Technics for performance

I’d like to know, if I can make frustum-culling with additional clipping planes, is the neccessity of quadtrees, BSP trees, etc still important to achive faster rendering or is the frustum-culling enough for an acceptable speed for a medium-sized application? Or is the implementation of trees strongly depending on the type of the application?

I appreciate any advice. Thank you in advance!



The trees can speed up frustum culling a lot, which means that you can perform more accurate culling, so in that sense they do help a lot. They also help with other stuff like collision detection. Of course if your application is fast enough already, there’s no reason to use them.

The type of tree depends greatly on your application. Quadtrees are good for terrains and other “flat” stuff, octrees for most other things. Loose versions can be used if the data is very dynamic. Bsp trees can be mostly used so simplify certain algorithms. They used to be used with indoor scenery, like quake, but for modern 3d accelerated applications they’re not very efficent.