I am new to OpenGL and fairly new to C++.
But I have been into game development for about 3 years.

I am wanting to know if there is anyone that wants to form a team and make projects together.

I am 23 year old male, I live in Washington State, and have my own registered company.
I already have a game underway, and I am into making a 3D R Engine! I start collage in January for computer science. I own a few books on C++, and I just purchased OpenGL Game Programming.

I am not expecting anyone that has experiance (even though that would be nice), but rather people that want to help each other learn.

My website is
and you can e-mail me via

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No thanks and while we are talking about it…

There is a special section on this site called: “classified ads” where you can post this.

Good day to you!


I’m not esp interested in game programming. However, due to the economy, layoffs and outsourcing, I think you may be able to even find some more experienced developers (though, they may be from other fields i.e. telecom, etc.).

Be sure to post your request on any available university message boards in your area as well. Guessing starting off in one location would be easiest.

Good luck.

Thanks on both.
I didn’t see the classified adds section!

You’re welcome.

Along similar lines, be careful not to let any of those with more experience that you may collaborate with take you for ride (i.e. it maybe useful to educate yourself on the laws in your state/county (or maybe federal - not sure how it works) pertaining to small businesses and copyright/patents, etc. if you haven’t already done so).