Te problem using the opengl ES Library in EVC?

I am using OpenglES in evc .I have got some sample about openglES(programed with windows API).In the init()function,firstly it use// hDC = GetWindowDC(hWnd);//to get windows DC ,then use//glesDisplay = eglGetDisplay(hDC);////ask for an available display.And in the sample also use //glesSurface = eglCreateWindowSurface(glesDisplay, configs[0], hWnd, configAttribs);//but like hDC and hWnd are the base the windows API .
Now I want to implement this sample in MFC .But in MFC,I can get CDC ,CWND .but these functions(eglGetDisplay,eglCreateWindowSurface)only use the type of HDC and HWND in the OpenGL ES library.
I want to know how can I write the codes to resolve these problem.
Thank you to read this message !

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