TBO related bug in nVidia driver?


I have stumbled upon something that seems to me like a driver bug, although I’m not 100% sure. I have dual monitors, and my application has no problems when starts up and shuts down on primary monitor, but if it is dragged to secondary monitor, it crashes on shutdown. What happens is that when I delete a texture who’s target is GL_TEXTURE_BUFFER_ARB, I get access violation reading 0x00000000 in nvoglnt.dll. When I skip deleting the texture, I get the same thing in wglDeleteContext, apparently when the driver is cleaning up. Driver version is 182.50. Any thoughts? If this is a driver bug, how do I report it to nVidia? I only found this:


which is for vista drivers.

Sounds like this one.


CatDog, actually my application is working properly when moved to second display, everything is being drawn, but the trouble comes when GL_TEXTURE_BUFFER_ARB textures are being deleted - it crashes the app.