TagCMA WIP [Look! Added QuickTime Movies]

It dices, it slices, and now it brings models across the Internet to your door. The latest feature allows you to download your buddy’s entire 3d scene complete with vertex arrays, texture coords, and textures. All this for under 270k.

Visit http://www.TagCMA.com and give this Open Source project a test spin!

Excellent question. I just put together a “What is TagCMA?” page.

I suppose they wouldn’t have a clue what I’m talking about and might not need to use the app.

What I meant was TagCMA will include features similar to:

  • The mesh creation and keyframe animation abilities of Discreet’s 3D Studio/GMAX
  • The look and feel of Macromedia Flash/Director keyframe layouts
  • The sociability of instant text messengers / chatrooms
  • The image texture editing tools of Adobe PhotoShop

The tagcma site runs something called geeklog (another open source project). Basically, all stories are sorted in chrono order. I just happened to create the what is story last, so it shows on the top.

Currently, if two people are working on the exact same tihng then the logic is to use whatever the last action was. If two people are doing opposing rotations, it will use the last change based on the timestamp.

The should be stuff, is just specifications. Just dreaming up, what would be cool, what it should do. Just trying to get people interested so I can get their feedback and make things better.

This is all a work in progress…

Each user that logs in is given their own personal workspace. A buddy has complete control over their workspace. I have some Digital Rights Management (DRM) ideas written down. Basically, a user should be able to moderate what other people do in their workspace. On various issues, like (1) customize the UI, (2) add new models to the scene, (3) change the materials of a model, (4) move verteces around, (5) change the environment, (6) change the lighting…

Stuff like that. The basic idea is that a free user has access to all the features in the system. Where a paying user will have the greater ability to moderate their workspace and retain more intellectual property rights.

I recorded a few movies to show some of the system’s features. I added functionality to capture the screen in a new thread which outputs a series of PNG files. And QTPRO can turn a series of images into MP4 movies. The following links are mirrored on sourceforge.

The following is a short video showing the overall features of TagCMA.

Another QuickTime movie. Shows some of the viewport manipulation features.

The following movie shows a typical user switching workspaces by clicking on buddies.

Build Update:

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