Syncing 3D stereoscopic glasses

I am looking for a way to synchronize my GLUT_STEREO program with Sony 3D shutter glasses. I was wondering how I could adjust GLUT_STEREO to swap frames at a rate that matches the shutter glasses. Currently, the swapping is not fast enough; I can see both images through one eye of the shutter glasses.

I’m using a Sony LED 3DTV as a monitor. It displays stereoscopic 3D at screen resolutions of 1920x1080@24Hz, and 1280x720@60Hz. The glasses will activate shutters at both screen resolutions. I use glutEnterGameMode() to set the monitor. However, there is no automatic synchronization between my program and the glasses, as there would be with, say, NVIDIA’s 3D vision photo viewer.

My computer has a NVIDIA Quadro 6000 card and Windows 7. I’m creating two frames with GL_BACK_RIGHT and GL_BACK_LEFT. Would this be the correct method?

I truly apologize if this topic has been beaten to death already, but I haven’t found an applicable solution yet on the forum. I’m hesitant to purchase NVIDIA’s 3D Vision Wireless glasses, but will do so if this is hardware problem.

Any information would help.
Thank you.