Synchronization of 2 independent applications coordinate systems

Hi everyone,

I have a question please. Now I have 2 different applications. One of them, renders part of the scene and send info to the second application to render other objects.

What I can get from the first app is the camera parameters (Eye, Center, and Up). In the second app, I have no control on the camera. I can only control the objects. So I need to find a way to transform those camera parameters to objects movement (Translation, Rotation, and Scaling) to give the same effect as if I changed the 2nd app camera corresponding to the new received camera parameters.

Also, I want to find a way to ensure that the 2 apps are having the same (Identical) coordinate systems because at the end, one of the apps screen will be transparent and the full image will be the composition of the two apps windows.

Thanks a lot.