I have developed a GUI interface to control an image structure and am trying to add symbols(ie theta and alpha) on the GUI interface. How can I possibly do that? Is there any command similar to the VK keys that I can use? Thanks in advance.


Say what?!

You know what Knack - I think school is out

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Anyway VK means virtual key I guess.


On Windows, in brief:

CreateFontIndirect( … Symbol … )

This is confusing - is my browser not showing all the information?
I know what VK means, but what has that got to do with opengl?
And what in gods name are you replying to jwatte?

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He wants to print alpha theta and other such symbols, knackered.

But this is off topic! Too many off topic posts lately.

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Tutorials there on how to use any windows font in an opengl program. So now you can use the Symbol font and make all the little pretty theta’s your heart desires.


And what has that got to do with VK’s?

And what has that got to do with VK’s?

Sigh…He was wanting to know if there was a VK code that will show a theta or alpha or any other greek letter. But there isn’t so the only way to get those is to use the Symbol font like I said. So for example use the Symbol font, use the VK code for ‘Q’ and presto, a theta has been born! I thought what he was asking was blindly obvious about what he wanted. :stuck_out_tongue: