Swithing from one .ccp file to another

Dear all,
I am trying to write an animated tutorial in OpenGL and instead of clogging up one .ccp file with all my unrelated animations, is it possible for me to switch at the end of one series of animations, say on the click of the mouse, to the next series which is stored in a different .ccp file.

Please Help ME!!! PLEASE!

This is very basic programming issue not a graphics issue. C++ files shouldn’t be storing animations to the point where they get clogging up with animations and moving to another file in sequence suggests you haven’t implemented animations well in your code.

Your animations should be driven by some sort of looping update and rendering code with animatiosn driven by data supplied either in hardcoded data (e.g. in a cpp file or .h file), read from a file perhaps of your own format, or driven by some sort of simulation.

Beyond this your post seems off topic. I hope you make some progress, but this isn’t the place for your question unless it’s related in some way to OpenGL.