Switching versions of OpenGL


I’m wondering if it’s possible to switch from OpenGL 2.0 to 1.4 without having to install a set of very old nVidia drivers. I’ve had the GeForce 5600 for a few years now, whilst I’m happy to say it has served me well (the only games I play are CS:S, PES5, KOTORI+II/JK2/JKA), I’ve always had to revert back to a set of older pre-56.xx drivers when it comes to wanting to play an OpenGL-based game.

If it’s not possible, then that’s fine as I’m getting that urge to pop down the road and buy myself the low-budget version of the GeForce 7600 (£70 inc vat) that’ll keep me happy for the next year or so, but I was just curious, thanks for your time.


Do you have any idea why these apps don’t run? Since 2.0 is backwards compatible with 1.4, the only reasons I can think of that a 2.0 driver shouldn’t work with an application written to 1.4 are that the application is incorrectly parsing the GL_VERSION string, or that there are bugs in the older driver not present in the newer driver.

As per previous comment, we have seen this when the app doesnt test the version string correctly i.e. only looks at the decimal part (which in this case would indicate ‘0’, to be interpreted as 1.0).
I have a wrapper used under Windows to intercept the getstring call so that it returns 1.5 even if the driver+hw are 2.0 compliant. Take a look at http://www.3dscenegraph.com/bits/opengl_15_20_install.zip

No luck. I notice that XP SP2 constantly regenerates the default opengl32.dll (I’ve heard bad things about the MS version that shipped with XP) in the system32 folder everytime I remove it, even with Windows Update disabled. Could this have anything to do with it I wonder.

Put your opengl32.dll wrapper directly inside your application/game .exe folder.