Switching from CPU to GPU leads to a exception in amdocl.dll


there are some very very strange things happened to me. First time trying out some buggy code, I use the CPU to compute some FFT, because there were some bugs crashing my display driver when using the GPU. Right now it works fine with CPU. Before compiling the opencl code, some build options were generated and after switching from CPU to GPU, the deprecated call of itoa at the host leads to a memory read exception.
So okay, it also not quite nice to use those old functions, so I use a stringstream.
Now inside the program.build method there is a memory read exception thrown in “onexit.c” in function “__dllonexit” somewhere in the “amdocl.dll”.

I cannot understand this crazy behavior. I do check the error code of each opencl call and they are all fine! Switching to CPU again, everything works fine. In those days I tried some code on the GPU crashing my display driver and there wasn’t any error like this!

I think I’ll try a reboot. And then looking for new versions, maybe it helps, but it’s still a very strange thing, VERY STRANGE :lol:

Can anyone help me?