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Hi all
I’m developing a win32 application to be deployed on a handheld running the window mobile 5.0 0S.

I’m trying to display in fullscreen using the SHFullScreen, ShowWindow and MoveWindow (as explained in http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/266244

When a floating popup menuitem is clicked I would like to show the menu bar (=command bar) again.

When I try do so, the window get resized and the menubar appears but when the rendering function is invoked the scene is rendered on top of the menubar and notice that the menu bar is active.

I would like to add a question: When I use the MoveWindow() function should I create another eglSurface and destroy the old one?

that’s all
if anything is not clear please ask

you’ll probably have more luck on the OpenGL ES forums.
This forum is for OpenGL without the ES on the end - it must be very confusing.