SwapBuffers no longer non-busy-waits for v-sync?

Hi there i’m confused i recently upgraded to Windows7 and before that i was pretty sure that SwapBuffers(); non-busy-waited for Vertical Sync. Nowdays it busy-waits for v-sync. And testing it on windows-vista it also busy-waits, so am I just remembering wrong or did someone update a driver?

Are you saying you don’t want it to wait for vsync? Or that it seems to be burning up the CPU waiting for vsync now?

not tested recently, but on window2000 swapbuffers alone did not busywaited on vsync, but adding glFinish did busy wait.

SwapBuffers does not have to do anything immediately. It doesn’t have to wait for vsync or even just for all of the previously issue rendering commands to finish. It may way for these things, but it doesn’t have to.

The second one, wondering if theres anyway to change into a non-busy-wait