SwapBuffer command in X11 on a Mac

When using UNIX ported apps in X11 on a current Mac, the swapbuffer() command doesn’t seem to be waiting for the vertical blank period. It used to function just fine. Is there a way around this? Possibly a driver setting on the card or using a different card? Was any part of that process deprecated as far as you are aware? I’m hesitant to ask for a code modification as this isn’t my code but rather a port.

By default, swapbuffer may or may not wait for vsync.
You have to explicitely ask for a a swap interval=1 to have more consistent vsync :

Using the swap control extensions is the way to go, but even if you do request a swap interval of 1 (vsync on), then it’s often possible to override this setting in the graphics card driver control panel. They usually have “Force On”/“Force Off”/“Application Controlled” option.

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