SwapBuffer and screen synchronisation

I have written a small program with opengl. This program run at 350 frames per seconds. But I use the SwapBuffer function, and I think this method use the synchonisation with the screen refresh. My screen is at 100Hz, I guess to have 100fps.

Anybody know what happend ?

I don’t think SwapBuffers() is waiting for your screen to finish drawing.

If you need to synchronise with your screen, have a look at the extension called WGL_EXT_swap_control at http://oss.sgi.com/projects/ogl-sample/registry/

Sorry bob, but the glutSwapBuffer (I use) do the vsync. And the program must run on ATI Rage pro II under NT, which doesn’t have this extension.

It was just the TNT2 driver, which can overide this setting ant put the vsync off.

Thanks all

Ok, you where talking about glutSwapBuffer(), maybe that explains the whole thing I thought you ment SwapBuffers() in Win32 environments, sorry