Swap Control Extension

Hi. I’ve heard about using the swap control extension to set the number of vsyncs but what I want to know is how is it actually called? I have yet to find an actual function call to actually set the number of vsyncs to help improve speed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

if your card/drivers supports it u can call it with the winswapinterval extension under windoze (a example of its use is on me site) http://members.nbci.com/myBollux
dont know about other os’s mate sorry

My question is what is the exact function name or names? I know there is one for setting the number of vsyncs and one for defining a rectanglular region for saving time on swapping but I have no idea how to call them. Whenever I try stuff like glAddSwapHintRect or WinSwapInterval it tells me I have undeclared identifiers. Does anyone know there names? Thanks for the help.

try this:
PROC swp = wglGetProcAddress(“wglSwapIntervalEXT”);
if(swp) {
typedef BOOL (WINAPI *swp_t)(int);
swp_t s = (swp_t) swp;
s(0); // set it to 0 (turn off)