SuSe Linux & nvidia GLX

I have a problem with MESA and my TNT card under Linux.

I’m using:

Xfree 4.0.1.
mesa 3.2
SuSE linux 6.4
2.2.14 Kenlel (non-SuSE Kernel)
TNT2 Ultra/Geforce 256 (same problem with booth cards)


the problem is, as soon as I start an app hat uses mesa the screen turns black and the monitor gets no signal anymore(card switched off? ).
The pc is, however, still working (pingable in the network) but the display remains black whatever I do …

So any idea what I can do about my prob?

Michael Sänger

ps.: The suggestions in the TNT_USERS_README about the
“NVreg_VideoMemoryTypeOverride” variable in the “os-registry.c”
didn’t solve my problem …

Maybe you should try the nVidia drivers instead of mesa.


I tryed the nvidia-drivers, but they do the same thing …

Regards, Michael

There are some files that are installed with XFree86 4.0.1 that you need to remove. I had similiar problems when I tried to rush install the drivers without reading the README. There are some things you need to do other than make ; make install.


I would recommend to change in the device section
in the XF86Config file the driver from nv to
nvidia, this overwrites the XFree driver and sets
the “right” nvidia driver as default.
You have to make sure that XFree recognizes
the nvidia driver and NOT the nv driver built in
XFree 4.0

Then make sure that mesa libraries do not conflict
with the OpenGL libraries from the nvidia driver,
so maybe you delete the mesa files and install
the nvidia driver and OpenGL library files coming
with the nvidia driver again.
This should work

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