Surface Removal Problems

I have an object I’ve drawn and I have Depth Buffering turned on. I can rotate my object around, etc. When I was using an orthogonal projection, everything worked fine. The correct surfaces were showing no matter how I rotated the object. However, I changed to a Perspective projection and now I’m seeing surfaces that I didn’t before. It’s like they’re bleeding through. And when I rotate, different ones show up on top. I didn’t change anything but the projection. Does anyone have any idea what’s going???

Well, I solved my own problem. I found a FAQ on the web and here’s what it said.

You may have configured your zNear and zFar clipping planes in a way that severely limits your depth buffer precision. Generally, this is caused by a zNear clipping plane value that’s too close to 0.0. As the zNear clipping plane is set increasingly closer to 0.0, the effective precision of the depth buffer decreases dramatically.

I had my zNear set at .001 which was obviously way to close to 0.0. I changed it to 1.0 and everything works like a charm.