Surface of Revolution advanced

Hey i want to draw a half egg in opengl (it a basket)
the egg should be hollow not solid.

this is my code when i draw this i get half hollow and half filled.
any help??

double x,y,z,r;
for(int longCount=0; longCount<NUM_LONGITUDINAL_VERTICES; longCount++){ // along z axis
	for(int latCount=0; latCount<NUM_CIRCUMFERENTIALL_VERTICES; latCount++){ // x and y
		z = sin(Pi*latCount/((double) (NUM_CIRCUMFERENTIALL_VERTICES-1))-Pi/2.0f);
	  r = cos(Pi*latCount/((double) (NUM_CIRCUMFERENTIALL_VERTICES-1))-Pi/2.0f);
	  x = (cos(Pi*longCount/(double) (NUM_LONGITUDINAL_VERTICES-1))*r);
	  y = (sin(Pi*longCount/(double) (NUM_LONGITUDINAL_VERTICES-1))*r);

	  vertices[longCount][latCount][0] = x; //x
	  vertices[longCount][latCount][1] = y; //y
	  vertices[longCount][latCount][2] = z; //z

The easy way to get the image you want is this:

  for(int latCount=0; latCount<Latitudes-1; latCount++)
    { // along z axis
      for(int longCount=0; longCount<Longitudes; longCount++){
	glVertex3f(vertices[latCount][longCount][0], vertices[latCount][longCount][1], vertices[latCount][longCount][2]);
	glVertex3f(vertices[latCount+1][longCount][0], vertices[latCount+1][longCount][1], vertices[latCount+1][longCount][2]);

But this is not performance optimal.

what a legend :slight_smile:
thanks boss