surely I cant be the only one having issues with chrome

This is hair pulling frustrating, this is an ongoing issue for months

firefox - never have issues

chrome - issues all the time dating back months, Ive had to firewall it from accessing the internet (which somehow it manages to find a way around) cause if its working with webgl, it will suddenly stop working an hour later, cause its installed a new (broken) version.

Ideally is there a place where I can find what the hells going on with chrome, something like this but with more frequent up to date info, also whats happening with their web audio api etc

Ive found this (& have posted there in the past) but I cant make sense eg surely theres gonna be a webgl forum there somewhere, is it just badly organized? or am I just nuts (dont answer that)

ta zed

Posted here also (but no answers)
Perhaps cause its not a bug, its not the appropriate forum, but their site is so confusing I cant work out where to ask.
Im trying to find how I can turn on debugging with chrome, this can can help me track down this bug

gl working
canvas.width = WIDTH; // this is screwing up the gl context
gl not working

gl.getError() doesnt report anything

cheers zed

man this is hair pullingly bad

log( “q1” );
console.log( "X2 " + gl.getParameter( gl.BLEND ) + " " + gl.getError() ) ;
log( “q2” );
console.log( "X2 " + gl.getParameter( gl.BLEND ) + " " + gl.getError() ) ;

X2 false 0
X2 null 0 // ive lost my gl context, as you can see Ive done nothing to lose it

OK the reason is the call to
canvas.width = WIDTH; a few calls beforehand (thus theres a delayed response)
How on earth can I track down the bug?

The app works in firefox, so Im undecided whether or not its my error or not

ta zed

You wouldnt believe it I solved it 5 mins after I posted

<canvas id=“GLcanvas” width=‘200’ height=‘200’ style=“top:0px; left:0px; position:absolute; z-index: 0; border: 0px red dotted” ></canvas>

<canvas id=“GLcanvas” width=‘0’ height=‘0’ style=“top:0px; left:0px; position:absolute; z-index: 0; border: 0px red dotted” ></canvas>

I set it to 0,0 size so the user doesnt see an ugly black box when the apps loading (I could set it to 1,1 I suppose)

I guess what chrome is doing is, its creating the GLcontext & window etc OK (even with a 0,0 size) but later on
when canvas.width = 1000; (or whatever size the player wants) is called it does some checking & goes hey its currently sized 0,0, he doesnt actually want that since nothing will be visible, Ill be a nice boy and destroy it.