SuperBible texture mapping

I have been using the OpenGL SuperBible and am trying to texture map a polygon. Now I am trying to compile the cd example (called tex2d) but the pot.bmp file isn’t there. After changing this to a file I know to be present it is still not displayed…

Can I test that the bmp is actually being loaded??

If it is being loaded, where might the problem be? It compiles fine and creates the window, but when rendering for the 1st time it crashes out.



take a good look in the book. there’s got to be the url of one of the authors. there you can download all the textures. i know it is missing on the cd.
check if your substitute textures has the width and the heigt to a power of two e.g. 64, 256, etc.

which compiler are you using. i compíled with ms vc5 and it did fine.

Thx very much, that seems to work with the original pot.bmp file, now to find out why my substitute didn’t work

BTW, I am using the VC++ v6 compiler

Im curious, do you mind saying what is says about texture mapping? Cause Im trying to learn it. =)

Just general, if thats all the time you got, or email me @