Superbible sample code compilation problems

Hi all,

running cygwin on vista, trying to compile chapter 1 source code with gcc 3.4.4, getting weird ISO errors. Any leads anyone? First few lines of errors printed here:

balt@MacBookProVista /cygdrive/e/OpenGL_examples/src/chapt01/block
$ gcc Block.cpp
In file included from Block.cpp:6:
…/…/shared/gltools.h:55: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of GLvoid' with n o type ../../shared/gltools.h:55: error: typedefGLvoid’ is initialized (use _typeof
_ instead)
…/…/shared/gltools.h:55: error: CallBack' was not declared in this scope ../../shared/gltools.h:55: error: expected,’ or `;’ before ‘(’ token


  • Balt