Suggestions for master thesis?

I am doing a master thesis this autumn. Its in the game industry. The company are making games for the iPhone. I wonder if you have any good suggestions what I can do for them? It can not be just regular programming. It has to be some “new thinking”. Any suggestions would be super!

This is the best post I have seen in last few years!!! :smiley:

I wish you luck!!!

Maybe I live in such hostile environment, but although I’m working on the university I need years to get my master diploma. And you expect to start and finish it this autumn…without a mentor, without a topic… asking community for advice. Here we need scientific papers in magazines with high citation index in order to approve our work and be able to start doing master thesis.

Is it really possible what you are for?

You could do a study using our game-engine:

Here we could do opengl performance optimization, new collision detection algorithms, box2d physics and much much more. Lemme now if u are interested.