Suggestions for Cinematic Effects


I’m new to this so apologies if not quite asking the right things. I have a fairly open question where I’d really appreciate any creative suggestions.

For a personal project, I’m interested in this shader:

My question is this: are you aware of any cinematic tricks/effects I could apply to this. My purpose for this isn’t well defined, I’m just looking to try out some different/new/weird cinematic effects - could be subtle or a little quirky. Some effects I would be interested to see are:

These are just some obvious effects I can think of, I hope there might be some other ideas out there!

I hope this fun to answer and thank you so much for any suggestions you have.

(edit: apologies for the links issues - I tried my best to explain without them but it really wasn’t possible - I understand why links might not be appropriate but hopefully you can see they’re from trusted sites.)

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