Suggestion regarding Motherboard

Hello Everyone,

i was planning to buy a new system, mainly used for graphics support.

i planned on buying this

CPU: Intel i5
GPU: Palit GeForce GT430 1024MB DDR3 NVidia PCI E Graphics Card(apparently supports OpenGL 4.0)

Could anyone please suggest an appropriate motherboard? Is Asus fine? Does the motherboard affect performance a lot?

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

You need to be aware that with a GeForce GT430 you won’t get much performance anyway.

The motherboard has a little to do with system performance also I find it a really important part of a system, too often neglected.

If your budget is really tight, then buy an AMD system with a stronger GPU like a Radeon 5770 or even a Radeon 6850 or GeForce 460. That will give you more interesting graphics performance.

Thanks for the reply Groovounet. Well GeForce 460 looks a little beyond my budget. Could you please comment on NVIDIA GeForce GT 440.


The Radeons are cheaper than the nVidia equivalents and you could reinvest the difference on a "sandy bridge " chipset motherboard.
Look on sites like for comparisons between gfx cards
For development work you do need a powerful system which will last you several years. NVidea cards have a great reputation for driver quality and are a pleasure fir developers to work with.