Suggestion regarding book

Hello everyone,

I was looking for a book that explains in depth about lighting in Computer Graphics. The books i read used to deal with lighting in a brief manner. i.e provide a lighting model(Phong Model generally) and provide equations for it.

I’m looking for a book that can deal more about lighting. Talk about other lighting models, different methods of lighting, and also how to build our own lighting models.



Here are two books that i felt were good. Can anyone please tell me if there are any other good books on this topic? Also, comment on these two books?

Thanks in advance!

Here are couple of papers worth reading. The third one you may need to convert to pdf before you can read it.[ul][]A Reflectance Model for Computer Graphics []Models of Light Reflection for Computer Synthesized Pictures[*]An Inexpensive BRDF Model for Physically-based Rendering[/ul]

Hi Mukund,
There are a lot of books on this topic. My personal favourite that goes not only indepth in theory, it also explains the implementation in an opensource library. The book is Physically based Rendering from theory to implementation (get the second edition) ( ).

Thanks for the suggestions mobeen, tksuoran.