Sugest/help for simple gameplay physics Java/lwjgl

I am trying to tackle a huge obsticle in lwjgl. Im trying to make a simple physics engine.Im trying to make an engine that can be used for at least squares Triangles (and round objects if possible). Please dont laugh at how i store my data or at how slow it’ll run if i do it that way… soo… Right now i have an float[][] aray that holds all of my block data and stuff like that i have [0] = the type of texture [1]-[3] equals the position of the blocks [4] = the type of object (cube, rectangle) [5]-[7] = to the size (5 for squares and spheres) every time i move i call a long script that goes through all the blocks and makes sure i am not going to move into them. it goes and calls all of the four directional sides (front back right and left). then i have another one that makes sure when i jump that i don’t hit anything on the way up or down.

I really need sugestions on how to make this better and incorporate other types of objects. Please help?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?