Suddenly OGL Applications look strange under Windows 95

I´m going crazy!
OpenGL worked fine two weeks ago.
Now, if I run any OGL Application, e.g. Quake 2, all textures are rainbow - coloured and characters from the HUD or console are unreadable. I installed DirectX 7 and the latest “Detonator” drivers for my Riva TNT Board (Diamond Viper V550),supposing to solve the Problem but it still doesn´t work.
Have you got some hints to get along without reinstalling Windows 95? All suggestions are welcome

I have got the same problems under Win98 with a Elsa Erazor III pro card. Can anybody help me?

I don’t know if this is related, about 2 weeks ago, my GL stopped working all together. I ended up re-formatting and starting over from scratch. That seemed to work, but tonight it stopped working again. This is driving me crazy too. My GL screen-savers work fine, and DirectX works fine, just no games (ie GLQuake, Quake III, Tribes) work now with GL. HELP!!!

Like Janbur and everyone else, I also had a problem that started several weeks ago. I ended up reformatting my hard-drive and re-installing Win98SE, because nothing else would work. (See reply to Janbur 3-4-00.)

I even bought a new video card thinking that the problem was related to my old card. I am still trying to get my 3D OGL to work.

I there anyway to test 3D OpenGL functionality other that trying to running programs that use OpenGL, i.e., something with diagnostics?

Michael Overeem

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I am also having the problem with the rainbow colored thing. However, my openGL never worked normally (with this card). I recently switched from a Voodoo Banshee, and albeit slow, the OpenGL worked on it, as well as glide. Some opengl programs dont create the rainbow colored and garbled screen, but are still messed up and distorted. any help would be appreciated

Ok, I fixed the problem. Let me explain what I did:

I have a VIA MVP3 chipset. I was wandering around on the web and I noticed some AGP drivers for VIA chipsets, installed them, and it worked fine. Fixed my weird text, screwed up textures, etc. If you all have the same problems with the same chipset, go download the 4-in-1 pack at

make sure you read the readme and verify your numbers before you go installing anything - Xar

I’ll bet it all started after installing DirectX 7.0? I have the same problem but I narrowed it down to directX 7.0 Only way to correct it is to reformat and use 6.1.