Subpassdependency and syncronization

I would like to ask defining a subpassdependency on a renderpass has the same effect as using a pipelinebarrier ? Is subpassdependency some internal syncronization mechanism across the queu that somehow “substitutes” the use of pipelineBarrier in some cases? If no, what is the use case subpassdependencies.

I don’t understand. Like, the first section in the standard on Render Passes says:

Subpass dependencies describe execution and memory dependencies between subpasses.

With that link.

A pipeline barrier is a kind of dependency. A subpass dependency is a kind of dependency. Can you be more specific on what you need clarified?

are subpassdependencies only used to perform syncronization between subpasses inside one renderpass or does it include previus renderpasses and upcomming renderpasses?

Again, I don’t really understand the question. Or rather, why there is a question. The standard section on subpass dependencies seems pretty clear on their scope. If you’re confused by something, you should tell us what that is.

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