Stuttering Problems with Open GL 1.1.3

I recently upgraded to Open GL 1.1.3. I noticed that games that rely heavily on
Open GL (like Quake 3 for example) began to stutter during play. I downgraded to Open GL 1.1.2 and it was fine, but without Open GL 1.1.3, I can’t use the multimedia update, which I need for my iSub. Anyone know what’s wrong?

I’m running OS 9.0.4 with 192 ram, on an iMac DV 400 mhz. Thanks

Did you enable the option Allow Power Cycling in your Energy Saver Control Panel ?? If you did, turn it off. This created stuttering in applications I wrote.

Where can I download Open GL 1.1.3 for the Mac?

OpenGL 1.1.3 is part of the Mac OS 9.0.4 update. If you don’t wish to install 9.0.4 you can extract just the OpenGL parts using TomeViewer.