Stupid Question (?) regarding OpenGL and C

Hello there. I’m a 12th grade student (gee, you probably heard this one zillions of times before), and I need to program a pretty large C project. Now, I want to program my C project using OpenGL (centering around OpenGL, actually), and I need some help…

First of all, where can I get the gl.h file? (I already have the glut.h file).

Second of all, can anyone provide more personal tutoring? This project will last an entire year (persumably, at least), and I’ll need A LOT of help. If anyone will be kind enough to help me (mostly by answering questions, of course ), I’ll be… well… very grateful…

Thanks in advance for your support…

First of all, where can I get the gl.h file?

For which OS and compiler?


For which OS and compiler?[/b]

Windows 95/98 (Does it make a difference?)
The compiler we’re working on is Borland C++ V3.1… (Our school isn’t well known for owning the newest software… )

I’m not totally sure where you could just download the headers besides going to Microsoft’s site and downloading the platform SDK which allows you to select OpenGL as a downloaded feature. This will give you the headers you need. As far as tutoring, first, I would recommend going to NeHe’s site at which is EXCELENT at getting you started. I’d also get a decent book on the subject such as the OpenGL SuperBible which can be found online, albiet it’s the first version which isn’t as up-to-date as the second edition that you can buy at the store. None the less, it’s free. Look for it either at NeHe’s site or on the site under coding:tutorials. After that, if and when you have questions about what to do, I think you’ll find that the people here on the discussion board are more than willing to help you when you have a question.

Windows 95/98 (Does it make a difference?)

Umm, yes, since I’m assuming that an absence of header files also implies an absence of lib files. You need both the headers and the libs.

The free Borland C++ 5.5 compiler comes with all the necessary headers and libs, except those for glut.