(strstr(glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS), "EXT_multitexture") != NULL) ????

What is wrong with this??

if(strstr(glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS), “EXT_multitexture”) != NULL)
do stuff

why do i keep getting the error, parameter one cannot be converted from, const usigned char * to const char * ??? any one got a clue?? damn i am really starting to get annoyed with this extensions thing.

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Your problem is C++. It is an annoying, officious language. Try:

if(strstr((const char*)glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS), “EXT_multitexture”) != NULL)

i.e. force the type conversion.

I hate C++, it insults my intelligence.

There is no EXT_multitexture extension ( as far as I know). Use ARB_multitexture instead. You need to search for GL_ARB_MULTITEXTURE, not just ARB_MULTITEXTURE.

Thank you polygon gods. That worked like a dream. Cant believe i missed that REPEATEDLY. oh im sooooo over worked. Oh, and once again, sorry about the miss type, i knew that it was ARB, instead of EXT, my bad. Thank you once again.

Extension = (char *) glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS);

if (!(strstr(Extension, “GL_ARB_multitexture”)) == 1)
{//not supported}