Streaming Video Input board support for AR

In my application I would like to merge live video with 3D graphics. I have heard that this is possible with OGL 2.1 as it allows the video to be textured on a polygon. Is this true?

My application is to merge 3D brain reconstructions of brain tumor on live video images of our patients brains.

My questions:
If it is true,

  1. What video capture cards will OGL support?
  2. Has anyone out there tried to augment video with 3D graphics in OpenGl?

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Thanks in advance.


The ASUS v6x00 deluxe GeForce 256 based card has video capture capabilities. I have been meaning to get it working with our (the University of Washington’s) AR system, but I haven’t had the time.
In the past we’ve been using glDrawPixel to display the augmented video image. This is okay on SGIs (I assume due to shared video memory, etc.) but pretty darn slow on the PC.
Check this out if you’re interested: