Strange trouble

I’ve a strange trouble with my opengl program.
I’ve downloaded the gametutorial exe for look few example.
But when I modify the source and try my exe, I look a confused image and my exe is more big than the original exe.
Somebody know why?

I use GNU/Linux Debian unstable

Did you try first to compile the unmodified source ? Please be more precise, what is this ‘confused image’ ? I am confused too :slight_smile:

yes I’ve modify the source but I don’t get nothing…

what’s a confused image you say! ((:

so… open The Gimp and create a new image 640x480 and draw more pixel of different color… this is what I get ((:

Another thing…
my exe is more big than the original exe that I find in tutorial ( )

perhaps I find the problem…
the problem is in makefile o-:
if I compile with

CC = g++

TARGET = Triangle

$(TARGET): Main.o
$(CC) -o $(TARGET) Main.o sdl-config --libs -lGL -lGLU

Main.o: Main.cpp
$(CC) -c Main.cpp sdl-config --cflags

my exe is wrong…
while if I compile with
g++ sdl-config --cflags --libs -lGL -lGLU -lm Main.cpp

it work right \-:

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