Strange Texture Coordinates in OBJ file

hi all,

i just downloaded a obj file plus textures from a old counterstrike map.

when i open the obj in blender the map is shown and textured perfectly fine.

Now i wanted to liad it in my engine and i just took a look at the texture coordinates in the obj file, and came across somesthing like this.

vt 11.2917 -7.3542 0.0000
vt 1.4141 -0.6875 0.0000
vt -0.9193 -0.6875 0.0000
vt 1.4141 -0.9141 0.0000
vt -7.3542 -5.5000 0.0000

well i know that you can set that kind of coords and that opengl will just repeat texture,
but all the text coords for the meshes are set in this strange way … and looking in the UV editor of blender
the vertex is not evel close to the texture …

am i missunderstanding somthing here … or is there a diffent way to describe textures ?


Is there an .mtl file? It is possible that there is a scale applied to the texture which is specified in the material.

and looking in the UV editor of blender

As you say this is to force texture repeating; the UV editor will not necessarily be able to handle this since they normally have a map from 0-1 and a separate field to specify the repeat. Have you tried rendering it? I have never seen negative UV before but it should work.


thanx for the feedback …
indeed the textcoords where just set strangly to have em repeated over the mesh.
so it was not a tech issue but a manner of bad 3d data.