strange problems with Geforce2 MX

Hi guys
I recently got a hercules guilemott geforce2 mx, and now i have a problem!
When running Opengl applications, after some 7/8 executes, the applications start running in software mode. I have tested with several programs and it’s happening with all of them! Before the Geforce, i had a Diamond Viper 2, and with this same programs i didn’t had this problem…, it seems that the programs are not releasing the GL window., but they are…, any ideias on how to solve this?
I already have the lastet drivers from the hercules.



go to the nvidia driver page to catch the latest driver.
I heard these drivers are the best for any nvidia chipsets :wink:

Warning, though: the nVidia drivers do NOT
support DVD playback (macrovision, needed by
DVD players to conform and be certified).
Personally, I find it annoying to have to
change drivers if I want to play a DVD (so
most of the time I just plunk it in my TV,
leaving convergence to someone with better
graphics drivers than me :-/ )

I have installed the nvidia drivers as sugested, but the problem isn’t gone…, any more ideias ?


7-8 programs running at once, or after the program exits 7 or 8 times?

9x or NT?

You’re not using Stop Debugging, are you?

  • Matt

Well, nope, just running the programs makes this happens, 7, to 8 executions, not simultaneous, and after that, software mode., i’m using windows me.