Strange problem with nokia 6630

Hi to all!
Well…i’ve made an OpenGL ES app with a frame counter and 3 3d models.the first model was rendered with 14 fps, the second with 4, and the 3th with 47.
Now I’ve buy a 512 memory and before use it, I’ve made a deep reset(*#7370#). I’ve installed my app on the new memory, and now the first model has 12 fps and the second 3! what I’ve done wrong???maybe there is some file such .dll to put on my phone? If I put the old mem with the app installed, I’ve the same fps: 12 and 3. The strange thing is also that the 3th model before had 47 fps, and now 60! How is it possible??? :? :? :?

Anyone can help me?
I think the problem is libGLES_CM.dll in the system/libs dir of 6630 because before deep reset there was, but now there isn’t, and I don’t understand how my app can runs on the phone without this dll! Anyway, where I can find this file?Is this the problem?

The problem of fps wit 3 modles is not b’coz of DLL of Memory Size. Go through ur function which calculates fps. U’ll find that the function reads system time and calculates the difference between prev time’s & the current time’s milisecond value. If prev time read is say 00:00:00.70 & new current time is 00:00:01.90. The actual difference is 120 ms but as we only consider milisecond part of time, it becomes 20 ms. This is how the error generates.

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