Strange Occurance!!

I am new to this forum but am only here because of a strange occurance. The phone number for Open GL has appeared on my phone bill on more than one occassion. It appears to be a number out of Ft. Collins, CO. I called the number to see who it belonged to and here I am. The strange thing is that when I called the number it was entirely automated, asking for my 10 digit phone number…saying to visit the website for downloads…and then I heard what sounded like a modem dialing…no live assistance whatsoever! I did not place such a call before this so I am wondering what this number is doing on my phone bill. I have a dial up on my home computer…so was it hijacked and tapped into by the number for Open GL…and thus appearing on my bill?? I have never heard of nor made prior contact with Open GL before this happened.

Does anyone out there on this forum have any ideas?? How can I speak to someone from this site??



What the hell are you talking about?
What’s a phone number for OpenGL?

GL is a piece of technology. It’s not a company.

Yes…I understand Open GL is a technology…BUT it is also a website (or else we wouldn’t be here!)…and the phone number for this site and/or operation is on my phone bill. Just trying to figure it all out since I am not a regular member of this community…and i thought I would start here.

Thanks :smiley:

Very weird…
You tried to contact the webmaster of the site ?

I will contact him now with a copy of my post…thanks for the address.

Hope to get a reply soon! :confused: