strange lighting problem cant say more .....

hey I have a really uncool strange problem with my program; when i compile it and execut it in VC++, it run slow, and it looks perfect;
when i run the .exe, things are different: really fast but two stuff appear:
little black points appear on my planet’s surface (just on one of them)
when i go back, a horrible black crown appears on the objects;

as what i’m saying seems really unclear, i posted 3 screenshots:
go at
bad1.jpg shows the black points, bad2 & bad3 the black crown…
i can’t say much, i really don’t understand the problem =)
thx for any answer


shouldn’t be happening. Vc++ executes the executable when you are inside the program and hit the ! . This shouldn’t be any different then double clicking the exe.

that is so true !!! but it’s happeing =((

When you run it in VC, are you running the debug or release version?
Are you sure that when you run it outside VC you’re running the correct version of the .exe, and not maybe some older broken one?

Or, could you have some conditionally compiled code which makes the release version differ slightly from the debug version?

Do the black dots line up with the edges of triangle strips or anything like?

hum… you’re right ! i was in debug mode and i changed it in release mode; so now, it is quick and ugly even when i’m running it in vc++ =D
any idea on how to make it look better ?

sorry i forgot to tell you about the black dots… well it’s hard to tell, cuz the dots keep on blinking, but i’d say that:

  • the dots doesn’t seem to line up with the triangle strops
  • they are irregulary placed, but it seems that they are like shadow, on the edge of the sphere, where there would be shadows…
  • Are you using a multipass algorithm where the passes might not be position invariant? (=> depth buffer invariances?)
  • Do you use a shadow map algorithm and have polygon offset not tweaked good enough?
  • Do you overclock your board? (=> video or texture memory corrupted? But that should produce colored dots, too.)

no i’m not using any multi pass stuff; i don’t use any shadow map
about the last point i can’t tell you, because i don’t really understand what you mean, sorry

i added:
and the strange shadow has disapear;
the dots are still there, but i saw sth else: there are not all black ones: on the planet, they are black (maybe cause the texture behind is black ?)but when i put the camera in a certain angle, the torus around the planet is full of …“holes”, so i can see through it; however, these holes are not exactly dots, they are bigger than that…

i posted another screenshot so you can make yourself an idea:

looks like z-fighting… using z-near/z-far = 0.1/100000 or something?