Strange Graphics Problem (Screen Shot)...

i have come across this problem in a few different graphic applicatiosn such as maya and some shader rendering software:

this is in maya when i click and drag to select mutliple objects. the selection still works, its just that that graphics get all distorted like that while im dragging.

and this is just from a random shader app, but i noticed it is the same sort or problem.

i am up to date with all my drivers and etc. anyone have any ideas what the problem could be? ever seen this before?

thank you


What graphics card / driver do you use?

Usually that should not happen. Looks like something is broken inside your card. Does it only happen with 3D apps, or only with apps, that use shaders, or something? Does it happen in games?

Not sure, if i can help you with it. Maybe you should contact the manufacturer of your gfx card.

Or, better, try your card in the pc of a friend to see, if it might be a compatibility problem with something (although thats unlikely).


i have an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro and it only happens every once in a while… i play about 10 different games and i have never seen it happen in game play… only in graphics software…

its not THAT big of a deal, i was just seing if there was an obvious fix anyone knew about.

Sometimes overlay support uses internal fragmented buffer copy operations, it may be that you have a driver bug (or hardware issue) that is causing this.

When using a tool like Maya make sure you have the certified drivers for that tool. It’s likely to be more robust due to the testing and qualification procedures that will cover the less typical operations (like overlay rendering for popup & drag operations) that something as complex as a 3D Modelling interface uses.

P.S. I suspect you’ve got a dodgy memory chip/wire/connection. I know it’s tricky but you should try not to drool on your new Radeon when you take it out the package :slight_smile: After driver updates, maybe try reducing the clock on your memory if this really is intermittent and drivers don’t fix it.

Hmm, on second thoughts that second picture makes it look like some sort of an addressing stride issue but only for some operations (or bits?). This is a very strange bug.

My OPENGL based program which works on computers that has graphics cards other than ATI Radeon ones. In my program, it gives a run time error. There must be something different about OPENGL support for this card. I am trying to debug my program at the moment. Maybe someone working for ATI can shed some light on this

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Firstly you should post your question as a seperate topic. Its bad etiquette to post a different question in the middle of another topic and makes it hard to follow the topic etc.

So I would first suggest you start a new topic

The you might want to post the details of the Error get and maybe your code.

I would guess your trying to use something specific to Nvidia …