Strange crash when creating an instance of the DAE class


I am encountering a very strange runtime crash when I try to instantiate an object of the DAE class.
Platform: Windows Vista SP1, Collada DOM compiled with VS2005 SP1, debug configuration.
The VS debugger drops me to line 41 in file domCollada.cpp, in the function

daeMetaElement * domCOLLADA::registerElement(DAE& dae)

This function seems to be responsible for creating the C++ class hierarchy that represents the top level of the XML node hierarchy of a COLLADA document as according the COLLADA specification.

With heap debugging turned on, the alloation allocation of a memory segment of 56 bytes size fails at operator new(), but it is not immediately clear to me as to why this crash happens.
What is even stranger is that this error didn’t occur before the last clean rebuild of the COLLADA dom project.

I would really appreciate feedback on this.

Thank you very much!

With best regards,
Fabian Aichele

If you haven’t, read up about Windows debug vs release heap. You can’t mix them.

Try deleting all the intermediate files from the compiler and linker by hand. Another thing to look at are the project/solution build settings. If some obj/lib/dll is stale then the linker can succeed but the object files are actually out of sync and the entry points are invalid and will invoke an exception.