Strange bug with GL_ARB_occlusion_query (ATI)


my video: HD5830 (catalyst 10., 11.)
GL_ARB_occlusion_query does not work properly: I draws object in invisible area, query returned 84 visibled fragments. :eek:

Sphere is behind plane, program prints “sphere fragments = 84”, must be 0.
GeForce returned 0.

ATI cards does not supports occlusion query?

Works fine on my HD5570 with Catalyst 11.5a.

I will try on 11.5a :slight_smile:

11.5a still has the bug: :frowning:

Did you modify that sample?


You’ll have to file a bug report with AMD (which I’m not quite sure how to do). Hopefully, frank li will see this thread and investigate your problem.

Works fine on this end with a 6870 + cat 11.5
I guess it is specific to your card version?

it’s a bug for 5830 only. The occlusion_query on 5830 would get wrong results. It have been fixed, but maybe you can get it only when next version.