Strange black artifacts

Has anyone else noticed that in some OpenGL apps (including some tutorials I’ve messed with) when an object (a model, not just a bitmap) gets a moderate distance from the camera that these weird black lines (sometimes straight, sometimes curved) go across the object? I’ve noticed this particularly with HalfLife - Counterstrike. And I’ve noticed it both on my Voodoo3 AGP and my TNT2 M64 PCI. If anyone else has seen this, let me know. I’d like to avoid this bug in my own apps.

I personaly have never seen these lines, but they sound like interferance patterns - it may be a mipmapping problem where repetitive textures give these odd patters when minified a lot.

You know, I bet you’re right… At least, in Halflife, I think that’s what’s happening now that you mention it. I just want to make sure I keep my apps free of such artifacts. Thanks!