Strange and constant OpenGL lag

Whenever I use any program which uses OpenGL, it works perfectly until about 2 seconds after startup, at which point the frame freezes for (at my estimate) a third of a second, and this repeats every few seconds from there on in. For a while I assumed it was just my rig, or my inability to do much with Linux, as I was playing UT2004 which never worked particularly well on Linux or Windows. However, when I found that the same thing happens with any OGL XMMS visualisations, I realised that it probably wasn’t because my card couldn’t handle it… :rolleyes:

I’m on an Athlon XP 1800+ with 768MB RAM, and using a GeForce FX5200, so hopefully no worries there. The problem, as I say, happens on any OpenGL-based application but, rather bizarrely, doesn’t occur on the UT2004 welcome screen, only when you join a game… :confused:

Sorry if I’m being really stupid and it’s nothing to do with OpenGL, but I thought this’d be a sensible place to ask. :slight_smile:


Looks more like a backgroud process eating the cpu.
Watch what say ‘top’, both when running a windowed OpenGL xmms vis, and without any particular load.
Normally every few seconds, the offending program will climb up the top list.

Why do some people have such brilliant instincts? :rolleyes:
If I ever come back on here again with the same problem due to a random loss of memory, just shout 3 words at me - “STOP - USING - SUPERKARAMBA!”
Cheers for the help, didn’t take much solving anyway! :smiley: