Strange Acess Violation Exception on glPopAttrib

Hi all,

I’ve got a strange crash in my program. I am getting access violation exceptions that (in the VS debugger) show up on a glPopAttrib() call, which allways follows a glPushAttrib(GL_ALL_ATTRIB_BITS). The call stack appears to be following a call to glFlush().

I’ve just gone through my code and wrapped any calls to any pointers with assert(obj != NULL), and the few deletions I do are followed by ptr = NULL. I really am not sure how I am accessing out of bounds memory.

The crash only happens when the system is left running for 10-20 minutes.

Does anyone have any ideas. Sorry if the explaination is poor.


It’s hard to say what might be causing the problem without a thorough look at your code. And even with it, it would still be hard to point out without debugging it. But it looks like a classic memory leak problem to me. Something is corrupting your memory little by little until it starts eating OpenGL’s memory space. Then, when glPopAttrib is called, the corruption happens.

Re-check your code for anything that can cause a memory leak (undeleted pointers, out of bound arrays, etc). A quick way to verify that the leak is happening is to bring up the task manager and see if your application is constantly growing in its memory usage.


An update if the ATI drivers seems to have fixed the problem. I’ll have a good scan of my memory management just in case this has just made the symptomn of a bigger problem go away.



I’ve read about these Push/Pop things and supposedly it’s better not to use them, since they run on the CPU. To replace them use your own scheme, or no stack at all.