store a lot of textures for later use

Hi Everyone!

I’m not very experienced in OpenGL, but hopefully this will change soon :cool:

I want to write a delay video effect plugin, which delays the input video for e.g. 3 seconds. (3 seconds x 25fps = 75 frames)

The host application “delivers” each frame as texture (a pointer). My first idea is to draw the texture to a quad, and use glCopyTexImage2D to copy it to a “storage”-texture. Doing this for 75 frame might be a problem, as I have no idea how many textures are available on the GPU. Whats the best way to store texture data and make some of them later available inside a shader?

Does it make sense to use PBOs instead? Are there advantages using PBOs compaired to glCopyTexImage2D? (both read/write to VRAM, don’t they?)

Looking forward to you ideas! :slight_smile: