Stopping Automatic Texture Generation

OpenGL has a neat function to assign texture coordinates automatically with glTexGen. My problem is I want to apply this to only half of my mesh. (or only one side of the mesh) Can anyone tell me how I can do this? Thank you so much in advance.

I’m so sorry for posting this in advanced section, but I already asked beginner section and couldn’t find answer anywhere else :frowning: I spent two full days on this with no real solution. Please help ;(

This was the original thread:

Automatic texture coordinate generation is not for this kind of texture mapping. For what you’re wanting to do, you should get an artist to go and manually determine the texture coordinates. An automated mapping is almost never going to look right (not for 2D textures, at any rate).

Thank you for your input Alfonse!
Although this was a no brainer for you, one little saying from a pro programmer can really help a newbie out.
“Automatic texture coordinate generation is not for this kind of texture mapping.” <- That one sentence helps me out a ton from frantically searching for the answer for days.

I guess I thought there would be another short function that can stop automatic texture generation kinda like glClipPlane so I was looking for it for days. Now I’m gonna try projective texturing to obtain a cylindrical map, as someone else suggested.

I was just about to delete this post because this doesn’t belong here, although I’ve been desperate. But since this thread got a reply from a pro, I’ll just leave it for the moderator to decide its fate.

and Thank you again Alfonse!

With Blender, you can quite easily unwrap very complex geometry.

Wow, that was really cool Zbuffer.
That is pretty much what I needed plus a video demo.
You made a link for my other thread too :eek:

The world is a better place because of the people like you, at very least the 3D world :smiley:
Thank you all!