Stipple & Fog

Hello every one!

While testing my game by some players they noticed strange behavior of showing models and the fog effect. It seems to be some conflict with glEnable( GL_POLYGON_STIPPLE ) and the build in pipe-line fog. Stipple looks good enought to make a 1 second blend and it doesn’t make some wierd things like semi transparent geomtery with triangles mixed with wrong depth testing ( known blend issue ), whats more, stipple is independent with all other ogl staes ( blend, alpha test , even shaders ). But whats the problem ? On some cards ( usually ATI ), peoplen noticed turning fog off while stipple work.

example :

And I have no idea whats goes wrong.
Thanks for any help.

Sounds like a difference in implementations. Possibly a bug. Polygon stipple is deprecated since it is not a hw feature. Emulate it with shaders if you can.