Still no correct lighting in MAC OS X Rage M6

I think it is quite amazing that APPLE and ATI completely ignores the fact that the lighting doesn’t work in the Mac OS X on the RageM6 HW ??

I submitted bug reports to both ATI and APPLE in August. There have been some driver updates but still the light equations doesn’t work. I own a pretty expensive PowerBook that is useless for advanced OpenGL development :frowning:

Why would people develop OpenGL apps for professional usage when they get totally ignored ?? No. I think it is vital that APPLE listens to the developers and make a serious effort on the advanced OpenGL development community !!!

/Anders Modén

If you give me the bug number I can find the status for you. I have a Radeon Mobility in my PB and it seems to work fine in all my tests.

The opengl mailing list on can also be a good resource.


I have no bug number. I have communicated with apple in Englad through customer relations game department B.Havlicek and P.Burford and with a ATI driver developer Jason that is developing Mac drivers. He confirmed the bug but I got no reply from him after that :frowning:

Is there a better way to submit openGL bugs ?

You need to be an ADC member (the free online membership is fine).

Ok. Bug submitted with #3112190

Assigned to ATI under investigation.

Still no response !

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