Sticky articles

I don’t know if this forum software supports it, but I was thinking it might be useful to make some FAQ style articles and make them sticky. It might cut down on some of the repeated questions I keep seeing.

I second that. But apparently this board does not support sticky articles.

I noticed the forum software now supports sticky articles, so it might be time to sticky some FAQ’s and stuff.

It’s a good idea that we can write some articles in this borad and share our knowledge :slight_smile:

I tried to “feature this topic”, but it seems that only administrators and moderators are allowed to perform that action.

Makes sense, otherwise everyone would “feature” his topic :wink:

While I think the general idea is good, it would be better to sticky a single topic “read before asking questions”, and post a link into the wiki there (including a note that you should actually look through the wiki before asking a question :stuck_out_tongue: ).

The FAQs should better be placed in the wiki.

That’s an excellent point, Overmind. Perhaps I confused “feature” with something sticky :wink:

The Wiki looks like it’s shaping up to be a very nice resource indeed. A sticky-wiki should do the trick :slight_smile:

Sticky articles: articles that stick!

I like it :slight_smile:

There is a new wiki for stuff like this:

I’m not personally in favor of sticky articles especially now we have a living wiki. Usually they have posting rules etc. I don’t think sticky’s are right for FAQ’s etc. and the wiki was intended specifically as an FAQ replacement.

FYI - This board now supports sticky articles.

I can’t get an account to login in wiki.It says use the form below to get an account.But i can’t see a form.

Yes it seems that requesting an account is not yet available.

Well just remember that you must ask for an account as told on the first page on If I’m not wrong.

Yea, I don’t think editing is allowed for everyone, you guys can read it OK though right?

To contribute email

webmaster (at) opengl dot org

If you do want to contribute then please use good judgement, this is an important official technical resource and managing errors, wiki wars or vandalism will sap resources and destroy the value of it and hurt OpenGL, until your account gets yanked.

Understand you’re applying for a position of trust when you ask to edit the wiki, but if you want to help go for it, and thanks!

wiki wars ? Am I aimed ? :smiley: I didn’t planed to do it since I don’t regard myself as an OpenGL expert. But I’ll might edit some in the future since I already have done it for other wikis.

Between, yes we can read it.

If the administrators are looking for forum ideas, they should check out c board . It has an faq page, which is really another forum except that only admin can post there. And it’s also got support for stickies :slight_smile: .

I tried to check the suggested C board. But i recieved the following error:
We’re moving to a new server. To prevent any further loss of posts, I’m closing the board.